Just Your Typical Thursday Night

By the time Thursday night rolls around, I’m just done. Thursday night means I have already put in four full days of work and am a stones throw away from the weekend. Thursday night means I’m running low on groceries as well as the motivation to cook the food I do have. Thursday night means keeping it simple.

Except tonight was anything but simple.

As I was walking into the house, my bedroom window opened and both of my kids were yelling out of it. My oldest was loudly adding another item to his ever-growing birthday wish list. It should be noted that his birthday is two months away. My youngest was pressing his face against the screen to make funny faces at me. Welcome home, Mom!

Just as my husband was leaving for work, my oldest comes down the stairs and shares that he has had an accident. Thankfully, he changed himself and put the dirty clothes in the hamper for me. Usually I am handed the mess before I am aware that it’s urine-soaked pants I am holding.

I decided to make something easy and the boys and I agree that having breakfast for dinner sounds good. I break out the griddle and start to cook some bacon. Unfortunately, I didn’t change out of my work clothes – a decision I immediately came to regret. The bacon was really sizzling and when it was done I went to dump the large amount of grease that was produced at the same time my youngest rounded the corner and scared me. I flinched and spilled all of the bacon grease on the floor.

As I tried to stiff-arm my son to protect him from running through the grease, I got caught up in the mess, wiped out, and took a trip straight to Splitsville. While struggling to get up, I fell not once, not twice, but three more times in the grease. I made it to my cleaning cupboard where I grabbed a cloth and some cleaner. After making my way back to the mess, I rotated between bending over to scrub the floor and jumping back up to make sure that the eggs didn’t burn. It was as if I was completing the most awkward set of burpees as I scrubbed the floor and checked on dinner. But that’s how my burpees look anyway – nice and awkward.

At this point, I am kicking myself for not having any cameras installed in our house to capture this madness. Between the boys and I, we are sure to win a prize on ‘America’s Funniest Home Videos.’ That $10,000 prize would pay off my student loan! At least I can laugh at myself.

The boys are thrilled that we are eating bacon. My oldest declares that it is delicious and he wishes our house always smelled like this. My clothes will likely never get the smell of bacon grease out of them, but that’s neither here nor there.

After dinner, the boys request to watch a movie in our room just to shake things up a bit. They choose ‘Tangled’ – a rendition of Rapunzel. We have watched this so much this winter that I believe I am developing a crush on Flynn Rider, the handsome hero. Regardless, the movie was short-lived because the boys started fighting and my youngest was pushed off the bed and missed hitting his head on my dresser by the smallest of margins (he was fine). Now that my heart was racing we went downstairs so the boys could color and I could workout.

I have every intention of working out in the morning, but I hate getting up when it’s cold and dark. This morning, I heard the wind howl when I was to get up and exercise so I just rolled over and fell back to sleep. As I’m on the floor doing some Pilates, I notice that there are crumbs everywhere which is disheartening considering how often I vacuum. I didn’t have long to dwell on it because my youngest fell off of his chair while coloring. What is going on tonight!? Again, he is okay, but I only got to exercise half of my body.

I take a deep breath and go to my happy place.


After giving the kids a bath that involved too much of the water landing on the outside of the tub, we grabbed a snack, watch some Octonauts, and called it a night.  I managed to work out the other half of my body before allowing myself to sit down.  Once the boys were in bed, I turned on The Biggest Loser and realized that burpees are awkward for everyone.

Yep, just your typical Thursday night.


2 thoughts on “Just Your Typical Thursday Night

  1. Loved this glimpse into your evening, Jess. Straightforward, awesome peek into the life of a mom. You have such a great sense of humor, too! I hope you’re feeling okay after the whole bacon grease incident. 🙂


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