You Might Be Raising Boys If…


You might be raising boys if…

1. You have enough train track in your house to build a cross-country railway.

2. You now know the names of all the different kinds of trucks and tractors – backhoes, front-end loaders, combines, bulldozers, etc.

3. You have ever heard your child yell, “Mom, look what I found!” right before they plopped a dirt-covered worm in your hand.

4. You have balls everywhere.  Seriously.  Everywhere.

5. You now rate pain on a scale of 1 – stepping on a Lego in the dark.  Yes, it is more painful to step on Legos in the dark.  Don’t ask me why, it just is.

6. You have ever purchased your child a pair of jeans in order for them to have huge holes in them two weeks later.

7. You realize that your kids instinctively know how to tackle each other like NFL defensive lineman.

8. You constantly have to remind them to look where they are peeing.

9. Your house is now decorated in a combo of John Deere and superhero memorabilia.

10. You never knew that a man so small could steal your heart instantaneously.


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13 thoughts on “You Might Be Raising Boys If…

  1. Yep! Pretty much!! Boys are so goofy (and sometimes gross!)–but you gotta love ’em!


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